Specialized Translation Services Crafted for Your Peace of Mind

Native Translators

Your translation project is performed by translators and revisers who are native speakers of the target language, possessing extensive experience in translation industry

Exclusivity for Corporations

Our specialized translation solutions are tailored for the needs of enterprises and are addressed exclusively to the business environment in the EU and USA.

200+ Language Combinations

From West European into and From East European Languages, Between International Languages, From Asian Languages Into Eastern European Languages

60+ Translateable File Types

A multitude of source documents accepted for translation for both MAC and PC: Convertible (PDF, Images), Directly-Editable (MS Office, InDesign, FrameMaker), CAT Tools Compatible (XML, Articulate, Xliff, HTML)

4 Certification Degrees

Translator Authentication, Notary Public Certification, State Entities Apostille, Serious Business ISO 9001 Quality Certificate

10+ Specialization Fields

Legal, IT, Economics, Technical, Marketing, Equipment, Medical, HR, Auto, Legislation

Your customers, employees, suppliers or state authorities often request documents in foreign languages. We've rendered all types of sensitive documents, from plain translations of legal documents to localization of multi-language technical catalogues.

Our extended network of translators and reviewers allows us to deliver reliable translations into all Eastern European languages: our most demanded language combinations being English-Romanian, English-Bulgarian, German-Romanian and English-Greek.

When developing the right solution for your translation project, we combine several key factors: highly skilled translators, specialized reviewers, advanced translation memories (CAT) and cutting-edge project management tools.

With more than 143 million words translated so far, demanding requirements in terms of experience (a minimum of 5 years for translators and 10 years for reviewers), many recommendations from important companies, and having specialized in key translation fields (economic, electric, medical, IT and legal), Serious Business is surely worthy of becoming your favorite translation supplier in Eastern Europe.

Our foundation is a fusion of human intelligence and computer wisdom. Selecting dedicated employees, recruiting experienced freelancers, programming system updates, complying with customer requisition, controlling deliverables with the latest tools is a constant balance of leadership, respect, innovation, negotiation and communication between people, sustained by technology.

Business Interpreting Beside Your Presentation's Success

Your business means global presence and local communication. For several years now, we have facilitated communication in Romanian during our customers’ training sessions, executive meetings, conferences or presentations.

You can benefit from the rock-solid quality of our interpretation sessions due to the rigorous experience requirements we impose on our interpreters (a minimum of 10 years), as well as our background of the several hundred hours of interpretation we have successfully completed so far.

To overcome any risks to your business conference, we can even provide you with interpretation equipment, duly certified according to ISO 4043:1998.

Our Bulgarian, Greek, Hungarian, and Romanian interpreters are fully qualified, tested and trained to perform successful consecutive or simultaneous interpreting sessions in the following languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Bulgarian, Polish, Czech and Hungarian.

Phone or video, conference or consecutive, with or without conference systems, local or remote, you can rest assured our professionals will be there to provide you with a seamless interpreting experience.

Experienced Interpreters

Your translation project is performed by translators and revisers native in the target language, possessing extensive experience in translation industry.

Tacit Confidentiality

Our 27001:2017 certification requires that every interpreter complies to rigorous legal requirements regarding copyright and confidentiality.

Global Exposure

In the last two decades, our interpreters traveled to various sites throughout European continent, and with the latest rise in video conference software, our interpreting solutions are now truly global.

Focus on Business

Medical and Legal are our core areas of interpreting expertise as our corporate and administration customers required these more often in the last two decades.

Smooth Television Subtitling Enjoyed By Your European Audience

Eastern European

Most Eastern European countries use subtitling instead of dubbing for visual broadcasts. Our teams of Bulgarian, Greek, Hungarian, Polish, Romanian, Ukrainian subtitles are ready to render your messages to this part of the world.

Multiple Quality Assurance Layers

Besides automated checkups a three-tier human quality assurance is available, at translator, reviser and quality checker levels allowing for a top notch rendering of your source language. We can also adapt to your existing budget in limited situations.

Exquisite QC

Our Quality Checkers are accustomed to exigent style guides and can perfectly syncronize subtitles of films, presentations or documentaries even without using source script or master template.

Experience in all Media Formats

Sound experience in adapting to all encodings, fonts, style guides, file types for major distribution channels OTT, enterprise media and traditional TV broadcasting

Perfection in subtitling comes with experience and QA procedures. Did you know that it is compulsory for a timed text to be reviewed by at least a second translator before applying the final computer-assisted quality checks? We have already performed television and multimedia subtitling in STL or SRT formats for hundreds of movies, documentaries, and presentations at the highest quality standards of the audiovisual industry.

Delivering your video messages to emerging markets can be a risky business unless you find the right professionals. Until now, millions of European viewers have already enjoyed video materials proficiently subtitled by our subtitling team.

Your videos, whether marketing materials, training sessions or TV shows, will be distributed with seamless subtitles in any television, DVD, VHS or internet format. Our team of translators is standing by waiting for your call.

We possess the technical skills and tools necessary to provide you with a viable solution, including time-cueing, for subtitles in Bulgarian, Greek, Hungarian, Polish, Romanian, Ukrainian in any encoding or video format.

Our subtitles run so smooth that you will only need to push the "play" button and let people enjoy your videos.