Resolving Language Challenges of Global Enterprises

Since 2003 medical, legal and technical industries are safer in Eastern Europe as a result of our specialized translation solutions

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Empowering Successful Businesses with Safe Interpreting Services

All-important Interpreters from Eastern Europe have already concluded MSA and NDA with Serious Business

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Keeping European Viewers Connected to Your Broadcast

Our subtitlers love abiding to your KPNs and respecting highest technical standards in every title.
Our QC-ers master the art of subtitling.

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Your Advantages

Long-term Partnership

Working for top enterprises for more than two decades taught us the meaning of quality and promises well kept. Our corporate customers call us specialists in legal, medical and technical fields. In our services you'll find human touch, attention to detail, promises well kept, long-terms commitment for continuous improvement.

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Trusted Documentation

A detailed documentation on thousands of translators, revisers and desktop publishers, reinforced with a unique dynamic ranking based on delivered tasks maximizes productivity and most definitely will surpass your expectations right from the start of our collaboration.

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Certified Processes

Improve your annual KPIs and achieve your team's compliance and marketing objectives with support from a reliable multi-language service provider. Delivered translation, interpreting and subtitling solutions are continuously certified according to ISO 9001 standard since 2006 and to ISO 27001 standard since 2020.

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What our Clients Say

Over the past few years, we have called on Serious Business to perform localization and printing services for the catalogues of our member companies. We warmly recommend them especially for their diligence and the quality of their services.


Environmental Control Products Dept.

Henkel wishes to recommend Serious Business as a reliable and trustworthy provider of specialized translations, in particular for texts in the constructions and technical fields.


Digital Marketing Dept.

Serious Business has been providing constant solutions to our translation requests since January 2008 in the medical and pharmaceutical fields. We greatly appreciate the quality of the translations and the promptness with which we received them.

Dr. Max

Procurement Dept.

About Us

Serious Business will understand you better than anyone, no matter the language you speak. Our mission is to help corporations deliver premium content to sophisticated business audiences, while improving IT infrastructure and nurturing humanly partnerships.
Since 2003, our one-stop language shop creates customized communication solutions in Legal, Medical, Economic and Technical fields for all Eastern European languages, including Bulgarian, Croatian, Greek, Hungarian, Polish, Romanian, Serbian and Ukrainian.
After more than 31,000 completed projects, we now know the solution for your translation project is based on translators with expertise, field-specialized revisers, modern CAT tools as well as on a high-performance project management.
Nowadays, translation services are based both on human intelligence and hypertechnical tools. During the past years, we have developed MEMOrg - an innovation portal for worldwide translators, as well as e-Client - a high performance system for the management of translation projects.

Corporate Customers from EU and USA
Words Translated since 2003
Completed Translation, Interpreting and Subtitling Projects
Active Translators and Revisers for 259 Language Combinations

One-Stop Localization Partner

Specialized Translations

Authentication, Legalization and Express Delivery also available

NDA and Quality Certificate upon request

From the most sensitive medical personal prescription to the most complex multi-language ERP localization, translation projects comprise of long-term partnership with the most qualified native translators in Eastern Europe, robust project management infrastructure, stat-of-the-art Computer Assisted Translation software, and specialized Quality Assurance processes.

Business Interpreting

Covering even African languages besides European

Onsite or Virtual, Simultaneous or Consecutive

Interpretation sessions today are high-tech compared to 2003 when we embarked on this voyage. Since then we have facilitated hundreds of hours of flawless communication during training sessions, conferences or presentations. The professionalism of each interpreter remains a constant and a minimum of 10 years proven experience is still a vital requirement.

Multimedia Subtitling


Adherence to the most demanding styleguides

With the explosion of streaming media, broadcasters face challenges identifying reliable subtitlers suitable for their valuable assets. We support the global entertainment industry with continuously screened local expertise from Eastern Europe, our 3-stage QA subtitling department achieving highest TV standards for both stylistic guides and time-cueing requirements.

Desktop Publishing

Licensing for +60 Types of Files

Cross-format conversion for integration with CAT tools

Your colleagues in the marketing department shouldn't have to rebuild marketing materials from scratch, when they could simply focus on increasing sales. We have the resources and know-how to deal with complex requirements in desktop publishing, from creating new designs to reproducing existing PDF, Web, Corel, QuarkXPress, InDesign or FrameMaker documents.

Native Translators from Eastern Europe

The partnership we secured with prodigious translators from each country in Eastern Europe is the cornerstone of delivering high quality translation services perfectly crafted to peculiar requirements of every enterprise.

It takes a lot of time, permanent communication and crystal-clear procedures to build a trustworthy business channel with specialist translators and revisers.

So far 73,568 availability queries have been dispatched, a considerable 51,501 chat and SMS have been exchanged, and 157,063 documents have been securely transferred via eTranslator portal.

Recruiting reliable translators is a scrupulous process as the foremost selection criteria is a proven track record of minimum 5 years experience per translator, and 10 years experience for interpreters and revisers. It is followed by other objective criteria, i.e. holding a university degree, certification by official national bodies or by professional associations.

Moreover a dynamic ranking is in place, based on assessing previously completed tasks, allowing for a better distribution of translators for each area of expertise or customer specifications.

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  • IT

  • Economics

  • Technical

  • Marketing

  • Medical

  • Equipment

  • HR

  • Legislation

  • Auto

*Specialization fields of our 487 active translators. Real time data.