Satisfied Corporate Customers

For almost two decades we have become an external department for prestigious enterprises, respecting the highest standards of corporate culture. This taught us the meaning of quality. Our esteemed customers recognize us as specialists in the legal, medical, technical and economic fields.

In our customized services you'll find a human touch, attention to detail, promises well kept, long-term commitment and continuous improvement. Our aim is to help and secure your business relations in Eastern European markets, We achieve this by:

*More than 1,000 top companies in Europe and USA have chosen our services. Real-time data.

  • Understanding your needs and providing you with integrated long-term solutions

    Our knowledge base is extremely strong after more than 30,000 completed projects, so there is virtually no secret left unknown from our translation business. The solution for your translation project is based on translators with expertise, field-specialized revisers, the ultimate CAT and QA tools as well as on a high-performance project management.

    Your needs are the focal point of all our actions, as we strive to clarify every ambiguity, tackle large multi-language projects, resolve last minute changes, consult dedicated human and technical resources, and implement your valuable feedback.

    Our one stop language shop delivers you tailor-made solutions for all eastern European languages, including the following services: specialized translations, television subtitling, business interpreting, software localization, desktop publishing, and offset and digital imprimatur.

  • Ensuring open communication about your needs and expectations

    We rather say NO than agree to an endeavor we cannot deliver. This is our motto for every new employee. We especially request this approach from every translator, subtitler, reviser and desktop publisher partner.

    Your dedicated Account Manager will guide you through each step of every translation project and all throughout our collaboration. All documentation is laid down beforehand, so you will have a clear understanding of the project quotations, non-disclosure clauses and service agreements ahead of every project kick-off.

    As a corporate customer you will enjoy the benefits of modern online communication through the means of a proprietary CRM. With e-Client you can place orders online, upload/download files, view and print invoices and manage your translation archive.

  • Delivering reliable documents ready to be used by your European audience

    Under the umbrella of ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certifications, we are constantly improving our business processes, training our employees and partners, and deploying the most secure translation and subtitling technologies

    Every project issued by your company follows a robust workflow which reuses previous deliverables and references and reassigns the most lucrative translators according to your feedback and our internal dynamic ranking.

    Our unique proprietary technology infrastructure, or Intranet, is synonymous with our own ascension and is perfectly adapted to B2B requirements, right from the issuance of your Purchase Order, continuing with transfer of deliverables and accountancy requirements.

    The Intranet offers exclusive features unmatched by any Translation Business Management System commercially available in the world, according to Nimdzi's © Language Technology Atlas for 2021: file conversions and analysis, immense document transfer, pre-quote workflow planning (!), SMS communication with translators and customers, to name just a few.

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